As ridiculous as yesterday’s Presidential news conference was, I thought it would be an excellent time to take stock of our “leader’s” foolhardy  remarks and statements over the past two and a half years….

“I’ve been doing Afghanistan, bin Laden, and the Greek crisis. You need to be here. I’ve been here…”

“Are you willing to compromise your kids’ safety so some corporate jet owner can get a tax break?”

“There are some structural issues with our economy where a lot of businesses have learned to become much more efficient with a lot fewer workers. You see it when you go to a bank and you use an ATM, you don’t go to a bank teller, or you go to the airport and you’re using a kiosk instead of checking in at the gate.”

…”I have been urging Congress to pass a jobs bill that will do two big things for small businesses — cut their taxes and make loans more available. ”

“We’ve inherited an economic crisis as deep and dire as any since the Great Depression.”

“We’ve inherited a terrible mess..”

(I have) “a few words about the deepening economic crisis that we’ve inherited.”

“If you’re complaining about the price of gas and you’re only getting 8 miles a gallon, you know…you might want to think about a trade-in.”

“Part of the reason that our politics seems so tough right now and facts and science and argument does not seem to be winning the day all the time is because we’re hardwired not to always think clearly when we’re scared,” …. “And the country’s scared.”

“We cannot give a blank check to Washington with no oversight and accountability, when no oversight and accountability is what got us into this mess in the first place,..”

..”People deserve to know that the energy they depend on is being developed in a timely manner.”

“It is true that a lot of what’s driving oil prices up right now is not the lack of supply. There’s enough supply. There’s enough oil out there for world demand,”

“We are confident in our ability to fill any potential gaps in supply,”

“I can’t spend all my time with my birth certificate plastered on my forehead…”

“Lately, it’s high gas prices, the earthquake in Japan, and unease about the European fiscal situation. That will happen from time to time. There will be bumps on the road to recovery.”

“Let me be clear: BP is responsible for this leak. BP will be paying the bill.”

“Because one of the things, obviously, that we have to recognise is, is that no matter what we do, oil prices are going to be going up over the long term,”

“In Europe, there is an anti-Americanism that is at once casual but can also be insidious. Instead of recognizing the good that America so often does in the world, there have been times where Europeans chose to blame America for much of what’s bad”

“You don’t even have to meet me halfway,” …. “I’ll bring most Democrats on these issues. I’m just looking for eight or ten of you.”

“The auto interventions weren’t started by me. They were started by a conservative Republican administration,”

“So before we find out if people like health-care reform, we should wait to see what happens when we actually put it into place.”

“My poll numbers go up and down depending on the latest crisis, and right now gas prices are weighing heavily on people..”

“I’m ready to move forward, the majority of Democrats are ready to move forward and I believe the majority of Americans are ready to move forward. But the fact is that without bipartisan support, as we had just a few years ago, we cannot solve this problem.”

(coal is) ”very cheap, it’s also dirty. And it can create the kinds of air pollution that not only is contributing to climate change but is also creating asthma for kids nearby.”

“When America is just starting to move forward again, we can’t afford the do-nothing policies and partisan maneuvering that will only take us backward,”


Do you ask yourself, “how in the HELL did this man manage to be elected President of the United States?”….

From day one, it’s been Bush, the Republicans, technology, Europe, Japan, coal, oil, BP…everything and everyone else! This President is absolutely and without question UNFIT to hold office. His defeat in 2012 is THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE WE FACE AS A NATION. BAR NONE!






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