While You were Out…


Unfortunately, in this day and age, does anything ever really stop?….Washington, the media…they’re no exceptions….


Seems a report issued by the Obama Administration on Friday reports the “stimulus” so often touted by the President did little, if anything to help the economy. No surprise there. It actually COST us $278,000 for each job purportedly saved! Couldn’t they just GIVE everyone $278,000?….Read more HERE.


Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker says there’s not a lot of courage in Washington to actually DO SOMETHING about the debt crisis. As one of the FEW elected officials in this country with any GUTS, we’d probably be wise to listen to what he has to say…you can see for yourself HERE

Seems the ole’ rumor mill is turning with a notion that President Obama my drop that doofus, Joe Biden, from the 2012 ticket. The Politico is out with a piece attempting to downplay such a possibility of that happening. Their “nothing to see here, move along…” bit of reporting can be found HERE.


They were back at it again in Atlanta over the weekend. I’m referring to a demonstration by illegals…I’m sorry, ‘undocumented workers’…where they were protesting Georgia’s new immigration law. Parts of which have been temporarily neutered by a federal judge. Because, God forbid, we should try to enforce FEDERAL law! “We’ve EARNED the right to be here!” was a rallying cry. Think about it for a minute…can you imagine simply walking across the border into Mexico and you say “I’ve earned the right to be here!”?…Somehow, I fail to see the logic in that. Of course, common sense and logic disappeared from the American landscape years ago!

Despite my increasing doubts, we’ve managed to hold on to our core principals over the years…We’re faced with an ever increasing force that wants to change that…attacking on various fronts. And there are fewer of us that realize that. Nonetheless, we will continue to fight for the life we have created. That resolve can NEVER waiver.


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