Down Home Common Sense

And I do mean home…..Growing up on the Alabama Gulf Coast, I can definitely relate to an excellent piece at The American Spectator today. Quin Hillyer, who now hails from the area, makes the case for how disconnected Washington is from a vast portion of this country…and how disenchanted a vast portion of this country has become with our so called leadership.

“There’s a genuine puzzlement, as if the attitudes of Official Washington and of the establishment media just don’t compute — for the very good reason that those lefty elitist attitudes really don’tcompute, because they don’t make sense of any sort. The Washington elite’s attitudes defy logic, violate the ethics of ordinary life, trample on common sense, and offend the common decency usually upheld by communal norms of quotidian virtue.”

Nonetheless, there is still the sense of doing what’s right combined with a pride instilled  in future generations. It gives me hope.

See for yourself here.

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