The Washington Follies

Exhausted and confused about the budget crisis in Washington? You’re not alone. Not to worry. I’m here to help. Here with a simple, easy to understand scenario which should make it a lot clearer for you!

Let’s take a look at the cast of characters, shall we?

Meet Big Government. Big Government has a spending problem. He can’t seem to get it under control and there are those with some ideas on how to get a grip on this situation. After all, Big Government has his hands in the pockets of the  Taxpayers’ (that would be YOU in our little story!). That’s the Taxpayers’  money he spends. Some of it he spends wisely and for the Taxpayers’ benefit. Whether they  perceive it as a benefit….well, that’s another story.

THIS is your average Taxpayer. Unfortunately, he quite often ends up getting….you know….in the end. Taxpayers work. Taxpayers plan for the future. Taxpayers try to make good decisions. Some Taxpayers are better at this than others. But, as a group, they make this country work. They are facing an ever growing problem because Big Government can’t control himself and he keeps sneaking into their pockets and taking more money! What to do?…What to do?…

This is Republican. By and large, he’s a genuine, likable chap. He can slip up from time to time and can lack the courage of his convictions. For the most part, he has the best interest of the Taxpayers at heart. The Taxpayers quite often become frustrated with him, but they seem to understand this. He says Taxpayers need to severely limit Big Government’s access to their money. Taxpayers need to tell Big Government, THAT’S IT! YOU HAVE A PROBLEM AND WE’RE NOT GOING TO EMPOWER IT ANY LONGER. YOU HAVE A MORE THAN SUFFICIENT INCOME AND YOU NEED TO GET A GRIP ON YOUR FREEWHEELING BEHAVIOR! Tough love, if you will.

Well, Big Government doesn’t like that kinda talk! He insists he needs to spend so he can help everybody! And Big Government has some buddies that are rarely on the up and up and they enjoy going on drunken spending sprees with him.

Meet the Democrats. They’re a sneaky, unscrupulous bunch. They LOVE to get Big Government drunk so he will spend lots of money on them and their friends. They tell Big Government he should try to get more from that segment of the Taxpayers that makes lots of money. They tell Big Government to focus on them, because they don’t need it and they can afford it…and they’ve been getting away with not paying their fair share for too long. Of course, anyone with any common sense knows this is a line of b.s. But, Big Government can’t help himself. He’s weak and he quite often listens to the Democrats. The Democrats love to get in front of the tv cameras and try to inflame that portion of the Taxpayers into turning on those in their ranks that may be more successful. They quite often use the same tactic with their friends. The Democrats refuse to go along with any ideas that limit what Big Government can spend. They know their buddies in the Moocher Class enjoy a good time too much for Big Government to act sensibly.

Meet the Moocher Class. These guys are good friends of the Democrats. At least that’s what the Democrats tell them. The members of the Moocher Class don’t do much. They love to hang out with the Democrats when Big Government is buying a round of drinks and on one of his many drunken binges. The Moocher Class loves to attack the more successful segment of the Taxpayers with claims that they are cheats and don’t contribute enough to what Big Government needs to “help” everybody. Of course, “everybody” means primarily the Moochers themselves. The Moocher Class loves to vote for the Democrats because the Democrats will continue to talk Big Government into going  out and partying like there’s no tomorrow!

Enter Barack Obama. He’s the de facto leader of the Democrats. Although, some of them have their doubts from time to time. He loves to stand around and watch the fighting between  Republican and the Democrats and step in at just the last minute with what he thinks is a sensible solution. Of course, it isn’t. When it comes down to it, he knows he has to keep his fellow Democrats and their Moocher friends happy. And that usually means more spending. If he doesn’t, he may be out of a job. He says we can get Big Government to cut back on his bad habits but let’s see if we can talk the Taxpayers into giving Big Government a little more money. Especially those successful ones! Republican says forget that last part! Big Government has to learn to get by on less. The Democrats say no way are we going to agree to getting Big Government to spend less on our Moocher friends. If we do, they may be upset with us.

In a nutshell, that’s what’s going on. The motives are clear here. In the end, those of you who are members of the Taxpayers, know what’s best for you. You can allow Big Government to keep taking from you so he and his friends can have a good time. Or you can finally say ENOUGH! It’s like handing a drunk the keys to the car…and you’re the passenger. The possibility of something BAD coming from that keeps increasing. Think about it.


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