Presidential campaigning

My fellow Americans, in the two plus years I have had the honor to serve as your President, I have managed to “fundamentally change” life in these United States. My policies and my support for a new direction have seen our nation continue its progress down the road of decline. Massive spending, political demagoguery, alienating our allies, and shameless pandering have divided this country the likes of which few of us have ever seen. I intend to continue these practices despite the fact they are basically destructive and lack any redeeming value whatsoever. I realize you either cannot find a job, you lost your job, prices on practically every commodity are on the rise, the value of the dollar continues to slide, and you either have or will lose your home. That being said, you can rest assured I will pursue a course, which in no way, will offer you comfort in any of those areas. You see, my vision for this nation is likely different from yours. This nation must and will pay for past sins, whether they are real or imagined. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that I be given the opportunity to destroy what is left of the American dream. But…I can’t do it alone. I need your help. I need you to disregard any common sense you have been able to retain. I need you to put your faith in an all powerful, all consuming central government along with a government directed economy. I, along with my progressive Democrat colleagues, throughout this country, will see to your needs and concerns. You can depend upon that. I am Barack Obama and I’m asking for your vote in 2012 to help me continue the destruction I’ve started .Thank you!

I think the joke has been on us…what do you think?….


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