THIS is a plan?!

As the bickering goes on in Washington, Nevada’s walking cadaver, Sen. Harry Reid has put together what HE thinks is plan for raising the debt ceiling…through 2012. The important notation being “through 2012”..just to make sure President Obama is “protected”. That’s what’s important to the Democrats. That, and making sure they don’t actually have to commit to any substantial cuts in spending.

"As you know, we can not agree to anything that will actually help the taxpayer..."

Reid claims much of his “plan” contains points Republicans already agreed to. Nevertheless, as The Hill points out…

“It’s part of a broader Democratic strategy to paint Republicans as hardliners unwilling to cede even a little ground to avoid a national default next month”.

I don’t know about everyone else, but it’s high time for a hardline stance against the continuous careless arrogance President Obama and the Democrats have shown in the past two and a half years.

The plan also notes that it will save $40billion in tackling “waste, fraud, and abuse”…where have we heard that before?….

GET REAL, SENATOR REID!…your plan is nothing more than the same, tired line out of Washington…it does NOTHING to address overblown entitlement spending, which is where the REAL waste, fraud, and abuse” is! In typical Democrat playbook fashion, you and your party refuse to face facts! That becomes more apparent with each passing day!

It’s our future that’s at stake here…and we’re way overdue for some REAL CHANGE in Washington!


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