Time to Choose

It’s coming down to it….and William Kristol has a great piece today at The Weekly Standard. As Speaker Boehner reworks his planned legislation for handling the debt crisis, Kristol points out that steadfast opposition to the Speaker’s plan by members of his own party does NOTHING to advance the cause of getting Washington’s outlandish spending under control. Republican or Democrat, voting against the plan is to side with President Obama. Voting against the plan is to side with Nancy Pelosi. I, for one, cannot fathom WHO in their right mind can honestly say our country should continue down THIS MOST DESTRUCTIVE path!

The President and the Democrats MUST be STOPPED in order to save the future of the Republic. Though Boehner’s plan in its current form isn’t perfect, it is FAR preferable to the empty, concocted promises of Harry Reid. It continues to confound me about why this isn’t seen in simpler terms. We can continue to spend the country into oblivion or not. That’s it! This isn’t that complicated! President Obama and his party advocate more of the same. Spend to buy votes. Their future as a viable political party depends upon it. They continue to demonize responsibility, productivity, and common sense. We have the opportunity at hand to put a stop to this nonsense and to make the voice of reason heard. Don’t look to the media for any help. Their efforts will focus on propping up this President despite the hard truths the rest of us know.

Think about it. YOUR future is at stake!


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