Hollow words….

"It's time for us to end this theater of the absurd..it's time for us to get real.."

This one is no joke, folks…at least not in the cartoonish sense of earlier posts….the former Speaker of the House was actually quoted today..uttering those words…does she mean it..or is it just lip service?…YOU need to ‘get real’ if you think Pelosi, Reid, and the President will agree to anything less than some sort of tax increase out of this debate on the debt….The REAL ABSURDITY lies in the fact that we put this kind of insipid, dangerous individual in public office. In order to advance an agenda of a society built primarily on government aid of one sort or another, the Democrat Party will do ANYTHING…and I do mean ANYTHING  to make sure their positions of power are not endangered by sensible, practical individuals in this country. Their house of cards is built on lies, deceit, and a premise that YOU are NOTHING without them. You can thank the vast majority of them in Congress for the state of this nation. And yet, they have the gall to impugn anyone who dares to challenge them on the issues with an ‘in your face’ attitude. I firmly believe if they are not STOPPED completely and decisively, this nation’s days are numbered. I DARE anyone to tell me I’m wrong!


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