More deep thoughts….

"..damn!...can't believe I'm wasting ANOTHER weekend on this s***!.. I have a good mind to tell Obama and Reid "F*** YOU! TAKE YOUR 'COMPROMISE AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS!'......I'm done with this crap!...YOU two and that nitwit Pelosi created this mess...YOU CLEAN IT UP!...I'M DONE!...YOU ASSHOLES!"


"whoa!..whoa!..whoa!...just a minute..this is NOT about saving the country...WE..and I mean my fellow Democrats...are about DESTROYING the country!"

"..yeah..yeah...that's right...whatEVER you can come up with to make the Republicans take the fall for this...because, you know I have a campaign to take care of...I gotta a lot more s*** I need to f*** around with if we're gonna screw over this, if we can come up with some sort of end around, where I can spend freely AND make Boehner and his boys look like s***..that'd be guys in the press are doing a fantastic job at making me look good...god knows I need the help...'cause this President s*** ain't easy..I'm tellin' ya..."

..."that's long as we can come up with some sort of bulls*** plan that really doesn't do anything but give us more tax dollars to spend, we'll be happy with that...I'll say it again...we don't give a flying f*** about saving any money...that is NOT what the Democrat party is about...we are about appeasing our worthless base...keeping them addicted to government hand long as we can maintain that situation, we will be comfortable here in Washington...after all, the perks are what it's all about...and let me thank our accomplices in the press for helping us with this sham...otherwise wouldn't be able to pull this crap on the American people..."

Meanwhile, back in the White House….

", you see, Mr.'re SET for 2012!....The Republicans will be f***** when this goes down.....and you didn't have to do a damned thing!....Ain't it great?!"....


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