Sunday morning at the White House…


.."that's right...looks like those idiots are going to vote to raise the debt ceiling through I'll be set!'s great...almost like a blank check...yeah...Nancy and Harry are playing right problem getting them to get me what I, we should be good for several billion in more bulls*** programs and spending...yeah...I knew they would...they think it makes them look good for that worthless trash that votes for them every time...and you know, it should help talk the morons that voted for me before to do it again next year...I STILL can't get over how GULLIBLE so many voters are in this country!...they fell for that hope and change s*** hook, line, and sinker!....and as bad as things are now, one more go around with some overpriced and overblown spending packages and that should tank the economy for good! long as those tea party f***ers don't get in the way...gotta keep an eye on those a**holes.....of course, got those saps in the press for that....yeah...yeah....I'll keep you posted!...."


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