A pompous ass and an a**hole!


As the debt debate continues we have the Vice President of the United States and a Representative accusing members of Congress of “acting like terrorists”. The laughable embarrassment of a Vice President, Joe Biden, and Pennsylvania’s Rep. Mike Doyle decided it was time to ratchet up the level of asinine remarks. Tea party Republicans have not been all together convinced this so called debt deal is a good thing. Neither am I. And I applaud them for having the BALLS to say so. Of course, established Washington doesn’t know how to deal with those who will actually stand by their principals instead of caving to media and peer pressure. Mr. Biden and Mr. Doyle are shameless, despicable men lacking any integrity and are a disgrace to their respective offices. They are perfect examples of the spineless opportunists who have run national government for decades and would be well served to realize their days are numbered.

"I am a pompous ass and an embarrassment to the office of the Vice President...and don't you forget it!"

Pennsylvania's a**hole in Congress!






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