Reactions to the debt “deal”…

"I am furious with our negotiators!...They didn't shakedown the tax payers enough!...They didn't get more money for my worthless constituents!....I need to be able to buy off my voters!"

"Even though I voted for it, I don't feel the arrangement goes far enough to screw the taxpayer....I was expecting more money to spend on bulls*** programs...I was expecting that idiot President to maintain our sham here in Washington!"

"I can't believe we actually agreed to something that didn't continue our nonstop spending spree....I mean, after all, the Democrats must be able to continue fool the voters in this country that are stupid enough to vote for us!"

"You got it!...Now that this debt crap is settled, I can get back to the business of destroying the country!...I got my stash!"

"I hate this f***ing job....these people are idiots!"


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