Rampant Idiocy…

The news is FULL of it!….Of course, you’re well aware if you stay even the LEAST bit informed….MOST of it comes from that wellspring of morons known as Washington D.C. Let’s check in, shall we?….

"Hmm..I gotta come up with some more stupid remarks to make..."

Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) attempts to blame the Republicans for the recent salmonella outbreak…with the usual bulls*** line about favoring tax breaks for the wealthy, while sacrificing funding for government agencies. These people will use every opportunity to look like the absolute IDIOTS they are!

"This Administration has done about this much to help the economy."

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney wants you to know they don’t create jobs. He DOES correctly note that their policies should foster job creation. Of course, we all know what a FANTASTIC job the Obama Administration has been doing in that regard!

"Look..I'm TRYING to do something about my hair...I know it looks ridiculous!"

DNC head moron, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, says we’ve really turned the economy around….no!..really!…we have!

The typically CLUELESS New York Times finally gets one! They’ve seen the light..so to speak…realizing the economy is NOT bouncing back, the job market sucks, and the last recession NEVER ended!


All of this, along with the continuous flow of misinformation we’re faced with on a daily basis, reinforces my firm belief that common sense has about vanished in our society. We’re fed a line by media and our so called  “leaders” that makes one ponder, “how did we let it get THIS bad?”….Think about it.


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