What’s being said…and what WAS said…

With the ramifications of S&P’s downgrade sinking in, as with most crises, it’s more than interesting to observe the reaction of the progressives and liberal elite; as is always the case, their game plan is to attack the messenger. You can find countless examples out there from “S&P is politically motivated” to “Do we really care what they think?” to “Where were they when….?” A continuing example of rather than facing the problem and dealing with it, they deny and attack.

Let’s find out what “those in the know” are saying….

"Absolutely not. That will never happen to this country."

Treasury Secretary Geithner when asked if the United States could ever lose its AAA rating – Feb. 7, 2010

The U.S. is "pretty darn f***ed!"

Former Obama adviser Christina Romer on ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ when asked what the downgrade means…


"Let’s think about it: In my lifetime, I have created jobs and I have paid taxes in the private sector and I have helped move our economy forward. What have they done? You’ve still got above 9 percent unemployment, we’re running record deficits and on Tuesday the president signed the largest increase of United States debt in history,” “Now, you tell me who’s terrorizing the country?”


Rep. Jeff Landry (R-LA) on the Tea party being labeled ‘terrorists’


"With unemployment at 9.1%, can Obama keep his job?"

Los Angeles Times headline; shows you where THEIR concern is….

More examples abound out there….these are just a few….it’s bad…and it’s not getting better……the Washington elite is confounded by just about everything! Their answer is to throw money at every problem and we’re seeing how well that is working. 2012 will be a year of dramatic change in this country. We have the power to do it. Whether we have the will, that remains to be seen.


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