It PAYS to “shop” around!

Especially these days….I’m referring to your selections for news, information, etc…..

The media is especially fickle…as if you didn’t know that….and you can’t really rely on a single source. Most of it is opinion masquerading as a legitimate news story. Not to mention, you get conflicting reports constantly. The latter being my focus today…

Take these two, to begin with….about the ‘Super Committee’…..

THE POLITICO: ‘Super – committee lineup gives hope for deal’

THE HILL: ‘Leaders’ deficit panel picks won’t make achieving ‘grand bargain’ any easier’

So, which do you go with?….It’s ridiculous! Obviously, opinion is the primary factor here. The story should be reported as fact. Yet, it isn’t.

Here’s another….

THE NEW YORK TIMES: ‘Financial turmoil evokes comparison to 2008 crisis’

THE LOS ANGELES TIMES: ‘Major bank execs tell investors it’s not 2008 all over again’

Once again, you’re left to determine who is telling you the truth…Of course, sometimes, it’s essentially the same story presented two different ways…presentation is everything!

My favorite pet peeve is the cluelessness of the way the media presents itself as well. The New York Times and The Washington Post are notorious for such behavior. Questioning what you’ve known all along!

This byline from the Post is a perfect example!

‘Is debt downgrade an alarm bell for a great nation in decline?’

I mean, who in their right mine doesn’t know the answer to THAT question????  It SHOULD read ‘DEBT DOWNGRADE AN ALARM BELL FOR GREAT NATION IN DECLINE!’

Then there’s a piece that’s presented as a news story, when it’s obvious to you it’s really advice to the outlet’s allies in politics and the persuasion of public opinion…

‘Democrats want a bolder Obama’

The Post is essentially saying, “you guys better do something about this guy!” “It ain’t looking good out there!”….or maybe it’s directed to the President himself…” Hey Barack!…there’s dissension in the ranks!..Wake up!”

Again, if you follow this stuff, you know better. You know you can only depend upon yourself to decipher everything. Obviously, the mainstream media cannot be depended upon to tell us the truth. They haven’t in years! Yet they present themselves as the DEFENDER of the truth! It’s hypocrisy at its highest level!

So, stay focused and stay alert! Your future depends upon it!


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