Your Weekend Reads…


All SORTS of good stuff out there for you to catch up on this weekend!…..

The President heads off for another vacation…the boys at Gawker say it’s no big deal and stop worrying about it…Forgive me for confusing the facts, when it appears this President seems to bolt from Washington whenever there’s a crisis…of course, on the other hand, his entire presidency has been a crisis!

The UK Telegraph’s Nile Gardiner has another take!


"it's a good thing, I can't pack a gun on the Senate floor..."


Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn rattles the nerves of his colleagues with a few choice words…calling them “cowards” and “career elitists”….general observations, I’m sure…but, you know what they say..”the truth hurts!”…He seems to have his own method of bringing the pain!


"hey!...who needs a man to be happy?"...


The ever so charming Janeane Garofalo claims Herman Cain is a tea party token….oh, and everyone affiliated with the tea party is racist…..<yawn>….come on Janeane, can’t you come up with something a little more original than that?…considering your razor sharp wit….you know Americans are hanging on your every word, too…


"hey Barack!...where's that cheese you promised us?"....


California Representative Maxine Waters, such a glowing example of integrity from the Golden State, is feeling a little short changed by the President. That midwestern bus escapade wasn’t exactly a jaunt through the ‘hood! As noted by a well known media figure, “why buy the cow, when  you can get the milk for free?”…eh, Maxine?….


Finally, we have the Obama Administration deciding they will basically take it upon themselves with their approach to the illegal immigration problem. One case at a time. And if you don’t know where THIS is headed, get your head out of the sand! One more tactic by the President, as we approach the election season!




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