You tell me…

riiiight....they look like REALLY dangerous people!.....

As expected, the media assault continues on the tea party…you know, that radical, racist group of Americans that are actually CONCERNED about the future of this nation!

Yahoo! News and Time lead off today questioning whether the element has lost its influence. I’m sure the answer will be forthcoming with the elections of 2012. Of course, the political elites, their media allies, and the dependent class have all banded together to paint ANYONE who questions the direction this country has taken under Barack Obama as, among other things, terrorists. I would say it amazes me how low the progressives have sunk in their vitriol against ordinary citizens who decided they did not like the fact we were bamboozled by this President and his agenda has hijacked our future.

Last week we had Maxine Waters showing off her level of stupidity. Now, Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) is making a fool of herself:

“Let us remember who the real enemy is. The real enemy is the Tea Party” – a direct quote from The Hill…with “tea party” capitalized, like it’s a formal organization! What Ms. Wilson, and others, don’t realize, it is NOT! It is a grass roots force of Americans bound together primarily by their concern for our future….and the threat posed by FOOLS in Washington, epitomized by Rep. Wilson!

..."yeah, that's right!...I make dumb ass remarks and wear really DUMB ASS LOOKIN' HATS!"

Well, Ms. Wilson…got news for you!…YOUR biggest threat will be facing the ballot box! If the voters of Florida have ANY SENSE whatsoever, they’ll kick your sorry ass out of office! You, along with Maxine Waters, Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi…and countless other Democrats have made your political career based on a house of cards….playing to nothing more than baseless fears and innuendo! You are an embarrassment and an eyesore on the political landscape! The sooner you, and others like you, are out of office, the better off this nation will be!



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