Dem Avenue Freak Out!

As we approach the election season, I’m returning today to the subject of hype, rhetoric, and downright LIES that will permeate the media from the Democrats. To put it simply, these people are scared to death for their political future. The reality of their utter failure of their destructive policies is coming home to roost. It’s evident from the White House down. The Hill reports that Mr. Obama is planning attacking on two fronts against those “evil” Republicans this fall. Of course, he can’t possibly run on his record! His record is a jumbled mess of failed programs and desperate attempts to utilize government to change our terrible economic situation. The President likely knows that voters will ask themselves if they want four more years of this!

Meanwhile, the Congressional Black Caucus is bordering on hysterics when it comes to the tea party. The latest being Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN) claiming tea party supporters would like to see blacks hanging from trees! The foolish, desperate antics of these idiots is astounding. They literally have NOTHING else but to wage a baseless, senseless and ridiculous campaign of fear that those with any common sense can see right through at a glance. They realize their house of cards is in real danger of collapsing, if it hasn’t already.

Finally, Rick Perry continues to be the target of the media assault as he moves ahead of the Republican pack of potential nominees. Everything from how “dangerous” to how “stupid” he is makes front page news of late. It remains to be seen if he can continue his lead in the polls. My personal preference would be to see Chris Christie run. However, I know whoever the nominee turns out to be, it will be a MUCH preferable choice to a second term for Barack Obama!


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