ALL you need to know on this Labor Day!


"To my union friends, I'd just like to say I will always put YOUR interests before those of the country. You can depend on me to bring down the economy of the United States!"


A rough and tumble summer officially comes to an end. And where is our President spending this Labor Day?…with his despicable union supporters in Detroit. Does it ever occur to you to ask why Mr. Obama always plays to some extreme voting demographic rather than the nation as a whole?…I suppose he knows on those he can count on for their vote, come what may. For a President that was to harken a new direction and a new “togetherness”, he is the most divisive, partisan leader this nation has faced in decades, if not ever!


"This President knows we will f*** him up good, if he doesn't do what we want!...the rest of this nation can go to hell if they don't like it!"


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