Another episode of what they’re REALLY saying and thinking!


"What James Hoffa said about those sons of bitches..that's ok with me, because as Democrats, we're crude and classless...and we know the press will downplay and disregard any inflammatory remarks...of course if a conservative or Republican says something,..well, they should and would be crucified in the press..."


"of course I meant to call them that....because I'm a crude, ignorant, and mindless prick! a union leader, I know violence's all we do know...we can't convince the American people on policy, so I appeal to their gut, their mindlessness....because we know if they're STUPID enough to support this President, my fellow union leaders, and various other Democrats...I mean why should we give up our cushy, do nothing power positions for the good of the country?...Are you fu**in' crazy?..."


"I don't regret Mr. Hoffa's remarks..look at his family heritage, for crissakes...he's a thug...but I can appreciate that..familiar as I am with Illinois's what I's what works...the American people were ignorant enough to put me in office before...I'm hoping they will do it again..and I need every group I can to subscribe to my efforts to punish and destroy this nation..."


You know…I doubt these are not that far off base…you know it and I know it….


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