I believe James Hoffa included that word a few times in his ridiculous Labor Day speech…You know the one, the one where he attacked those sons-of-bitches….those sons-of-bitches that can actually HIRE people!

"We actually hate each other's f***ing guts..."

I have news for Mr. Hoffa. Barack Obama can’t give you a job. Unless it’s a government job. Like we need more people working for the government. The harsh reality is businesses need CUSTOMERS! Not more tax breaks…capital investment incentives, etc. They need more people buying more things! I’m afraid those days are gone. If not forever, for a very long time. The cycle is enhanced by the fact that consumers are not spending because they can’t or they’re afraid of what their future holds. Companies are not hiring because they can’t justify the expense due to the fact the business just isn’t there.

In the meantime, you have a foolish President and his Democrat cohorts chastising and demonizing corporations for sitting on top of huge amounts of cash. Claiming they’re just hoarding and they don’t want to hire anyone. Again, Mr. Obama and his supporters forget corporations are owned by shareholders. Millions of their fellow Americans. These companies have a fiduciary responsibility to operate in the best interest of the shareholders. They cannot justify the expense of building some massive new factory when the business just isn’t there. Of course, the left and progressives, in their idiocy,  fail to grasp that concept.

"Everyone calm down...I want to spend more money on ill conceived government programs that will result in absolutely nothing, but more debt. "

In his speech to Congress, Mr. Obama is said to be leaning toward more massive government spending. Gee! Imagine that! Anyone with a shred of common sense knows it will not grow ANYTHING in the economy but the government. His administration has fostered a climate of economic uncertainty at a level we’ve not seen in decades. When you have a federal government strangling private enterprise with everything from threats of legal action (i.e. Bank of America) to a complex web of government regulations (i.e. Obamacare) what do you expect? On top of all of this, they continue a clueless game plan of  “let’s try this…no, that didn’t work..what about this?..nope, no good either…let’s see, now what?” To put it simply, they don’t have a friggin’ clue! You have a cadre of advisors made up of theorists, academics, and activists. These people lack even the slightest concept of how to operate a business or the struggles faced by everyday Americans. In the end, you and I are the ones paying for their elitist attitude.

Don’t expect much out this President’s address tonight. It will just be more of the same shallow, worthless talk. As Sen. Jim Demint (R-SC) said, I’m tired of speeches. That seems to be all Mr. Obama does. That’s all the Democrats have. Talk. Cheap talk. And the press eagerly plays along conveying their message as if it has even the slightest bit of validity. If I was a member of Congress, I’d join the other Republicans who have decided to “boycott” this campaign speech by the President. That’s all it is. A campaign speech disguised as an address to a joint session of Congress in order to attract viewers on television.

"I can't believe them damned Republicans are not showing up in the hell did they figure out this speech will be a f***ing waste of time?..."

The time has long passed for talk, Mr. President. Your nearly 3 years in office have been nothing but a sinkhole in the American landscape. You know, your party knows it…and they are frightened of the prospects of a landslide of discontent with next year’s elections. Face it. YOU ARE A FAILURE!






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