Mr. President, raise my taxes..please!

"My brain has gone to mush since I I'm not really sure what I'm saying at times..."

So we’ve got another idiot pleading with the President to take more of his money and ease his guilty conscience. Retired Google exec, Doug Edwards decided to take advantage of Mr. Obama’s campaign stop and, to the media’s delight, let him know he just can’t handle life as a wealthy individual. Mr. Edwards, for someone who supposedly did very well for himself, you certainly are stupid! Such individuals are puzzling to me…and millions of other Americans. Apparently due to the fact that they are financially comfortable they feel it is their civic duty to appeal to the federal government to take more from them…AND everyone else. Such philosophical leanings are fine, Mr. Edwards. But for you to ask Washington to take more from ME or anyone else, that makes absolutely NO SENSE WHAT SO EVER!


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