All you need to know…

As mentioned in a post from August, the so called “super ” committee is turning out to be nothing more than an exercise in futility, as far as the taxpayer is concerned. Reuters is reporting the Democrats on the panel are pushing for tax hikes to be the first point of discussion. NOT cuts in spending! Trying to come up with new ways to tax you and me is priority for the members of the tax and spend party. There should be no surprise here! Nevertheless, it astounds me that with the billions in tax revenue the federal government takes in, this waste-of-time group cannot come up with recommendations on reducing government spending or at least prioritizing it. God forbid! There’s absolutely no way in hell the government could manage on what it takes in currently! Taking more from American taxpayers is priority NUMBER 1! The shameful Democrat party is leading the way on this, as they always have. Their actions are disgusting and a slap in the face to everyone who gives a damn about this country’s future! I for one, will continue to do my part to expose these disastrous, sniveling individuals for what they are: YOUR WORST ENEMY!

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