Congratulations, Mr. President!


I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mr. Obama on a job well done!

No President has done more to divide and destroy than Barack Obama! For a leader whose election supposedly signaled a new era of hope for a nation, this man has squandered the faith placed in him to levels this country has never seen. He has taken us down a road to financial oblivion with little if any hope on the horizon. I am convinced more than ever that this is NOT unintentional! His policies have fostered an atmosphere of distrust and anger among vast groups of Americans…against each other. From the foolish idiots “occupying” Wall Street to Mr. Obama’s publicly criticizing the so called “rich”, he has pinned his hopes of re-election on discourse and divisiveness. Rather than focusing his efforts on a positive, hopeful future for ALL Americans, he has decided his best course of action would be to pit demographic against demographic. This President’s shameful tactics have belittled the office of President to a disgraceful level. I am truly ashamed of this man in the White House. His arrogance and bitterness toward achievement and success are seen with each passing day. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least to see him lead the charge of protesters in lower Manhattan while he gladly accepts a huge campaign contribution from the banks!

If this man is not removed from office next year, you can plan on the fall of the United States as you know it. I’d stake my life on that!


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