Does THIS make sense to you??????


THE HILL reports today the Democrats on the ‘Supercommittee’ are presenting a plan which will include “BILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN STIMULUS SPENDING”!!! Can SOMEONE…ANYONE…explain to me how a Congressional committee designed to come up with ideas for CUTTING SPENDING and reducing the deficit can propose a plan for EVEN MORE SPENDING???!!! Call me an idiot, but I fail to see how you can REDUCE spending by creating MORE SPENDING!!!!  Leave it to these morons we have in Washington to try and rationalize such thought processes! It baffles and confounds me how these IDIOTS can call themselves “representatives of the people!” GOD SAVE THE UNITED STATES FROM THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!


"I'd like to think everything I suggest to anyone is fair" Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT)




"So as this committee works together toward a bipartisan plan to reduce the deficit, we need to keep in mind the cuts that have already been made, the role discretionary spending plays in our overall deficit and debt problem, and the impact irresponsible slashing could have on our economic recovery and middle-class families across the country.” - Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA)


WHAT A LOAD OF HORSES***!  So, in other words, Senator, you’re not going to do DAMNED THING to CUT spending?..I believe that’s what you’re saying!


This sort of mindless thinking is what got us into this mess and shines the light on the Democrats and their sham of an effort to DO ANYTHING WHATSOEVER  to save this economy!



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