The beginning of the end….

"I should have known this crap would come way or another..."

You gave it a good run, Herman. But you should know that once you’re considered the front runner, the media will do ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING it can to destroy you. Especially, if you’re a conservative candidate. Liberal candidates get a pass and are propped up with excuses. For a conservative, it doesn’t matter whether the accusations are true or not. That an accusation is leveled at all is all it takes. Looks like you can kiss your aspirations good-bye.


In the meantime….


"I want to thank everyone with their help in destroying Herman Cain...He would have beaten the s*** out of me in a debate. Also, if the media had put forth as much effort in digging up dirt on me before the 2008 election, John McCain would be your President....So, thanks again, Politico! You guys have done a helluva job! Whether any of that s*** about Herman is true or not..that doesn't matter...the fact is it's taken the heat off my worthless ass for a again!"


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