YOU be the judge!

As the fallout continues over the sexual harassment complaints against Herman Cain, let’s take a look at some clues, shall we?….

Herman Cain…up until a few days ago, running a very successful campaign for the Republican presidential nomination……

Texas governor, Rick Perry…also running for the nomination..faltering in the polls from his one time front runner position….

Pollster and strategist, Chris Wilson….whose firm, WPA Opinion Research, has been doing work for the Perry campaign, says in an interview, “oh yeah…I witnessed Herman Cain making advances toward this woman…it made everyone uncomfortable”….or something to that effect…as Wilson was doing work for the National Restaurant Association during Cain’s tenure.

I’m just saying, I smell a rat….as you all know, in politics, all’s fair…so it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the Perry campaign decided this little bit of info, no matter if it’s based on “he said, she said”, was just too juicy to pass up!

BTW, I don’t recall anything coming out about these allegations when Cain ran for Senate in 2004. Maybe they did, but obviously not to the level they have now.


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