Kiss Ohio goodbye!


So Ohio heads to the polls tomorrow to vote on repealing Ohio Sen. Bill 5, which basically made badly needed reforms to collective bargaining in the state. Ohio has gone down the toilet in the past years and the stranglehold the unions hold on the state helped get the state in such a dire position. Indications are that repealing Gov. Kasich’s reform will pass. So…congratulations, Ohio voters! You’ve shown you lack the GUTS to save your state! You’ve shown you will place YOUR future in the hands of THUGS that will continue to keep the Democrats in power with their dues…and propel your state to economic armageddon! I’m SO proud of you!

"I want the voters of Ohio to help me f*** up this state!...If you do, I promise you it will help line the pockets of union fat asses like me even more...and you won't get s***!"



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