The REAL Plan of the ‘Super Committee’ Democrats

"Our plan all along was NEVER to agree to anything..."

As ‘The Hill‘ reports they think they have “the upper hand” in the ‘super committee’ negotiations, all you have to do is read the article to realize the Democrats never had any intention whatsoever to formulate any real cuts in spending. As I mentioned in previous posts, their only plan was to make the Republicans look bad in their stance against tax increases. Of course, the media will play right along in the demonization.

As the article reports, sequestration cuts do not call for any structural reforms to Medicaid, Medicare, or Social Security. Defense, on the other hand is hit with a $500 billion slap in the face. For some foolish reason, the article focuses on the Republicans as being disagreeable?…WTF? It  goes on to note liberal Dems privately cheering a situation with no agreement leading to the automatic cuts to defense.

It should be more than clear where the allegiances of the Democrats lie. They will continue to ignore the problems with entitlements while attacking those that attempt to reform these programs into which billions of dollars are poured into with little, if any, accounting of where the money goes or how it is spent.  Go figure!

"We don't give a f*** about this nation!...And we don't give a f*** about you!"


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