"We got exactly what we wanted...NOTHING!....and we didn't have to do a damn thing to get it but appear to be concerned about the deficit. And, of course, the media fell for it hook, line, and sinker...with the added of bonus of making the Republicans look evil!"

As the waste of time ‘Super Committee’ continues their half hearted, faux effort at tackling the nation’s debt problem, it should be no surprise that nothing will be accomplished. The Democrats never had any intention whatsoever of agreeing to any substantial cuts in spending…not without massive tax increases to punish the American people. The plan all along was to give President Obama a whipping boy..i.e. the Congress…as a bunch of ‘do-nothings’ for the upcoming election season.

This from ‘Hot Air’ on November 9, 2011:

“Democrats last night rejected a framework for compromise that would have included significant new revenues. They had sounded amenable to the possible deal, but their position suddenly hardened after going back to their caucus. It is almost surely an indication that they want to do everything they can to validate President Obama’s line of attack on a “do nothing” Congress. Sen. Pat Toomey had worked out a framework that he considered pro-growth and a reasonable first step toward fiscal restraint, while making a major concession to Democrats on revenue in the interests of getting a deal.Max Baucus especially had sounded open to it and a sub-group of the supercommittee had been discussing it seriously–but no more

There had also been discussions about reforming corporate taxes to go to a 25 percent top rate and a territorial system. John Kerry, Max Baucus, and Chris Van Hollen had initially seemed open to the idea. That’s dead, too.

With the framework rejected, the operative word you hear from people familiar with the deliberations is “impasse.” Republicans are hoping Democrats come back to the table, but no one is betting on it. President Obama is probably going to get the optic he wants.”

And..naturally, the Republicans have allowed themselves to be maneuvered into a position of being the scapegoats. Their resistance to tax increases without significant entitlement cuts has been parlayed by the Democrats, with the media’s eager participation mind you, into the same old, tired, narrative of making them appear heartless and uncaring. Especially with the automatic cuts which will hit defense hard while leaving Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security basically unscathed.

Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) was even quoted as saying he hopes the committee fails to come to an agreement! I mean, how much more evidence do you need to make it clear what the Democrat party’s position is?!!

It’s being reported now the Republicans want President Obama to weigh in on the impasse! Aside from his transparent attempt to appear to be saving the day, I see little value in that! Besides, Mr. Obama knows he has more to gain by no deal than putting forth an effort to craft a deal.

The struggle continues and the sooner these dangerous, destructive morons are removed from office, there may be….MAY BE…time to save this nation! THINK ABOUT IT!


$15 TRILLION AND COUNTING – The American Spectator






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