Someone’s got the ‘GUTS’ to say it!



What a GREAT way to start the Thanksgiving holiday!

This story made the local news here in Atlanta, but I’m sure it reflects the national mood PERFECTLY!

Bill Looman of U.S. Crane has made his feelings known by plastering his company vehicles with the sign you see above. Like millions of other Americans, he realizes what a disdain President Obama has for the private sector, for business, and people in this country that take risks to make our nation better for EVERYONE!  He knows the policies of the Obama administration have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to spur growth and inspire confidence. Yet, our illustrious leader continues his campaign…and that’s what it is, make no doubt about it!…of antagonizing and impugning business. This President and his fellow Democrats care ONLY for WHATEVER they can do to remain in office. And until more Americans wake up, like Mr. Looman, you will continue to see our country in decline!


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