Is it just…me?…..


Maybe I’m imagining it, or have I seen and heard ‘Merry Christmas!’ a lot more this year? Seems to be more prominent in print and in radio and television ads. As most of us know, political and government pundits went out of their way to make sure we knew it was insensitive and just downright politically incorrect to wish someone a ‘Merry Christmas!’



Had to be careful! Someone may be offended! We don’t want that! Maybe the majority of Americans are returning to simple traditions upon which the country was founded. Maybe they need a break from the disaster of an economy we have. Of course, the disconnected and aloof President we have is not helping matters. No doubt he looks upon the season as something frivolous and foolish. With his usual scorn and disdain.



Yep. It’s gonna take some getting used to, but I may end up using that word myself, this holiday season!




A new feature I’d like to occasionally include is Robert Bianco’s ‘Critic’s Corner’ from USA Today. The man KNOWS television! He has the best eye for what’s worth your time in the vast wasteland of media garbage! You Hollywood network execs would do well to listen to this guy!




“Here’s something to hate: a wanton waste of talent.

How can you combine Jaime Pressly, an Emmy winner for My Name Is Earl, and Katie Finneran, a dual Tony winner responsible for two of the funniest Broadway performances ever, and end up with a show as thuddingly unfunny as Fox’s I Hate My Teenage Daughter (* out of four, tonight, 9:30 ET/PT)?

Yet here they are, fighting a losing battle against a terrible idea, an even worse script and a bland-to-bad supporting cast.

Hate casts Pressly and Finneran as former high school outcasts raising two daughters who have turned into the kind of mean girls who used to torment them. They don’t really hate their daughters — but they do fear them.

The concept might work, perhaps, if the girls were difficult but essentially sweet (think Haley on Modern Family), or if they were truly, comically irredeemably awful.

What won’t work is to swivel between both approaches, with a supporting cast that can’t carry off either one.

You’re left with a show mothers and daughters can both hate. Think of it as Fox’s attempt to bring families together for the holidays.”


Consider this some advice on your down time!


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