Telling it LIKE IT IS!


Whether you’re a supporter or not, Newt Gingrich’s endorsement from the New Hampshire Union Leader has some pointed words which ring more than true for the upcoming 2012 election.

“Our nation is in peril, yet much of the attention has been focused on fluff, silliness and each candidate’s minor miscues….”

“Truth be known, many in the liberal media are belittling the Republican candidates because they don’t want any of them to be taken as a serious challenger to their man, Obama.”

“We don’t have to agree with them (conservative candidates) on every issue. We would rather back someone with whom we may sometimes disagree than one who tells us what he thinks we want to hear.”


I do believe they’re addressing YOU, Mr. President!


"You just let me know what you want to hear, and I'll say may be bulls***, but that's beside the point..."



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