Weekend TV time….

You may need a break from the political storm….

Advice from USA Today’s Robert Bianco…





Hallmark’s Christmas movie parade marches on Saturday with a very special guest:Roger Moore, who stars in the channel’s latest holiday-fest, A Princess for Christmas(8 ET/PT).


He plays a duke who invites the children of his late estranged son to spend Christmas at the old family manse.

Differences will arise — but as you’d expect, love will conquer all.


•Love may also be ready to conquer on ABC’s Once Upon a Time (Sunday, 8 ET/PT).

David (aka Prince Charming) knows he’s fallen for Ginnifer Goodwin’s Mary Margaret (aka Snow White).

What he doesn’t know is whether he should leave Kathryn.

•Krusty stages yet another comeback on The Simpsons(Fox, Sunday, 8 ET/PT) with the help of a special guest:Joan Rivers.

She provides the voice for Krusty’s first and most recent agent.

•Few guests provide as reliable a spark for a show asMichael J. Fox does for The Good Wife (CBS, Sunday, 10 ET/PT).

Once again, his Louis Canning is sparring with Alicia, but this time, a crisis also gives them a chance to bond.






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