Tuesday’s ‘Critic’s Corner


The latest from Robert Bianco @ USA Today….


‘Buble Christmas’, ‘Warehouse 13’


Michael Buble


* Those nostalgic for the days of Christmas musical specials past — or who just like Michael Bublé, no matter what he sings — are in for a treat. NBC showcases the singer in A Michael Bublé Christmas (tonight, 8 ET/PT), a holiday special/ad-for-his-new-album that features Bublé and a few celebrity guests, including Justin Bieber.


'Warehouse 13's' Eddie McClintock

* Syfy’s intensely likable Monday duo, Eureka (8 ET/PT) and Warehouse 13 (9 ET/PT), also celebrate the holidays tonight, in vastly different styles but with equally entertaining results.

On Eureka, a supercharged children’s book literally animates the town.

The Christmas connection is really tangential to the story, but the episode is still a great deal of fun and very cleverly done.

Where Eureka goes for laughs, Warehouse 13 goes for warmth with a well-executed twist on It’s a Wonderful Life.

In this version, Pete (Eddie McClintock, who’s especially good in the outing) accidentally erases himself from the Warehouse timeline and has to convince his friends to help him put things right.

They do, and with just enough humor to make theWonderful Life sap palatable. Enjoy



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