Thursday R&R…

Enjoy the latest recommendations from USA Today’s Robert Bianco…



Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons


* On The Big Bang Theory (CBS, tonight, 8 ET/PT), Leonard confronts his former high school bully. Let’s hope he’s not counting on Sheldon for backup.



* Person of Interest (CBS, 9 ET/PT) finally does an episode that gives Oscar nominee Taraji P. Hensonsomething interesting to do, as her Detective Carter is the latest person-in-danger fingered by the Machine.

She’s a fine actor, but if she’s going to claim a spot at the show’s center (and she should), she needs to put a bit more heft and energy into her performance.

Nowhere is the problem more evident than in the flashbacks that return Carter to her days as a military officer interrogating a terrorist. To be fair to her, the writing is woefully shallow — particularly when compared with the far more sophisticated approach taken by the season’s best new drama, Homeland.

But TV often requires an actor to make the best of bad material, and this week, she really doesn’t.


David Giuntoli and Russell Hornsby


If Grimm (NBC, 10 ET/PT) fails, it won’t be because NBC isn’t in there pitching. Tonight the show gets a special Thursday tryout with an episode built around a music prodigy with a grimm-ish secret.





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