All out of ‘hope’….and Monday TV!

"If you want 4 more years of uncertainty, 4 more years of regulation, 4 more years of a growing federal government, and 4 more years of endless federal spending resulting in NOTHING more than MORE for me in 2012..and help continue the destruction of America!"

Good piece from Town Hall today!…


Three years after Obama took office, his campaign’s re-election strategy has shifted from capitalizing on hope to exploiting fear.

Obama needs something or someone to run against, and he needs it quickly. His approval ratings have dipped below 40 percent, and his disapprovals are approaching 55 percent. His
campaign’s most important goal in 2012 is to prevent the election from becoming a referendum on his presidency. If this means that “FEAR” must replace the iconic “HOPE” motto of his 2008 effort, then that is what his team will aim for. …

What sort of hand will Team Obama have in 2012?

Obama’s small inner circle is nearly the same, still containing [Davidl] Plouffe and [David] Axelrod. Obama is still the candidate. The re-election campaign begins with the same large list of donors and bundlers that the last campaign accumulated. It will rely on the same ideological and demographic core.

But the elements that conspired to create the 2008 magic are conspicuously absent in this new cycle, and therein lies the problem.

First, President Bush is long gone. The defining excuse of the Obama presidency–that Bush created all the problems of the Obama era–is becoming increasingly untenable to the point hat Democrats trot it out less and less frequently. The public has never let Bush off the hook for his role in the economy’s ongoing difficulties, as many polls have shown. But in September 2011, for the first time since Obama’s inauguration, a majority (53 percent) told Gallup that they now blame Obama as well. That number will continue to grow, at least until the economy improves.

Second, the old ’08 slogans have lost their meaning for Obama. They are not only obsolete, but in fact counterproductive. No incumbent can run on a platform of “Change”–especially not an incumbent president who enjoyed a blank legislative check for much of his first tow years in office. Obama had his chance to change anything he liked. The changes he chose to enact inspired not Hope, but the tea party movement. …



Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs

* CBS’ 2 Broke Girls (8 ET/PT) celebrates the holidays in a special time slot tonight with an episode devoted to shopping.

Caroline’s plan to return expensive rings to a store in exchange for a stove is thwarted by a return policy that’s more lenient toward the old rich than the newly poor.

Which you would think most rich people already knew.

Stephen Lang and Jason O'Mara

Can’t people from the distant future shot through a worm hole to the dino-past just all get along?

Apparently not, as the tensions among the colonists, the Sixers, and the Sixers’ evil backers erupt into out-and-out war on Terra Nova (Fox, 8 ET/PT).

At the very least, the episode promises to please those who have been hoping for more action.

Whether it pleases those who have been hoping for better scripts remains to be seen

Laura Dern

HBO‘s Enlightened (9:30 ET/PT), an underpowered series starring Laura Dern that would have been better off as a movie, ends its first season tonight.

It hasn’t made much of a case for a second season, but that doesn’t mean HBO won’t give it one.


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