Wednesday wackiness…and more….Special holiday edition!

Now that Christmas is behind us, the news gets into full swing again. And the craziness didn’t waste any time returning to the forefront!…


"We were told to ramp up the tears...big time..."


With the funeral of North Korean dictator, Kim jong il, all over the web the images show the “distraught” mourners playing up the grief. It would be funny if it were not so sad and pitiful.





Reports are that President Obama will be asking for another increase in the nation’s credit limit this week. Just an increase of $1.2trillion…..

Brings our national debt to about $16.394 trillion!!!! Congratulations, Mr. President! Yet, another record for your disastrous tenure in office!!




The Iranians are threatening to shut down the Strait of Hormuz in hopes of cutting off one of the world’s major oil supply routes. Though they often huff and puff for world attention, it wouldn’t surprise me if Ahmadinejad and party decided it’s time for something stupid!



HBO’s resident A-hole, Bill Maher, decides to weigh in on the media incited Tim Tebow tirade. As a text book example of classlessness, Mr. Maher took it upon himself to mock Tebow’s faith by way of a tweet. Basically a method used by those lacking any personal integrity whatsoever. Way to go, Bill! You’ve sunk to an all time low!




'Middle's' Sher


Eden Sher, who has been on fire this season, has another great episode in tonight’s repeat of The Middle (ABC, 8 ET/PT).

It’s Halloween, and sweet Sue suddenly realizes she’s the only teenage girl still dressing in kids’ costumes (“I just felt like everybody got a memo that I didn’t get”) and the only girl in class who isn’t on any boy’s radar.

Mike (the equally excellent Neil Flynn) tells her to stop dressing like a third-grader, an astute bit of advice that backfires on him when Sue begins dressing like, well, a teenage girl.

As so often happens on this terrific family sitcom, the situation is one with which most parents can empathize, and the resolution is clever and funny while still being almost painfully real.

It’s just first-rate all around.

'Hope's' Neff


While you’re watching The Middle, record Raising Hope(Fox, 8 ET/PT), which repeats a strong season opener built around Jimmy’s talents as a former musical prodigy.

The humor’s more exaggerated but equally amusing.



Most people assumed if anyone would win an Emmy forHarry’s Law (NBC, 9 ET/PT), it would be Kathy Bates.

Instead it was Paul McCrane, who’s back in tonight’s repeat.






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