Year end thoughts…and more….



I’m not sure about you, but I will be happy to see the passing of the so called “hawkeye cau-keye” next week. In true fashion, the Republicans continue to “eat their own” while Mr. Obama tries to look presidential.  The pundits are all over the spectrum as far as the potential challenger to him in 2012. Romney is too moderate, Gingrich has too much baggage, Ron Paul is an idiot, etc., etc., etc……

With a President seeking a second term who CANNOT run on his record, all of the above should be moot. Barack Obama is a disaster. His policies and those of the Democrats continue to propel us in the direction taking us over the fiscal cliff. Yet, we can’t seem to focus on that fact. The Democrats have NO INTENTION WHATSOEVER about seriously tackling the nation’s debt problems. They would be happy to continue the status quo of endless spending, gargantuan entitlements, and  the nonstop implementation of restricting business to the point it becomes foolhardy to even attempt to operate an economic enterprise in the United States. I refuse to subscribe to their blind notion of utopia. The President would have you believe that “the rich” are the source of our economic woes. Punish them and all’s well. If you believe that, well, that’s a sad commentary on what we have become. Rather than encouraging the success of this nation, Mr. Obama would rather scold you for excess…at least as he sees it.

It should be pretty clear cut what the choices are in November 2012. The consequences are in our own hands. My primary hope for the new year is that Americans will have the common sense to save this nation. Despite how you feel about the potential Republican nominees, Barack Obama is NOT the answer.



CRITIC’S CORNER HOLIDAY – Robert Bianco @ USA Today  ‘New Year’s Rockin’ Eve’



*The closest we get these days to a New Year’s Eve TV tradition is Ryan Seacrest sitting in with Dick Clark on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve With Ryan Seacrest(ABC, Saturday, 10 ET/PT, 40th anniversary celebration starting at 8).

It’s been a favorable 2011 for Seacrest, who can thankThe Voice‘s Carson Daly and The X Factor‘s Steve Jones for making him look good by comparison.

With American Idol returning, let’s see if he can avoid returning the favor.


'High's' Chris Lilley


Australian star Chris Lilley (Summer Heights High) returns in HBO‘s Aussie-import comedy, Angry Boys(Sunday, 10 ET/PT), once again playing a horde of distinct characters.

Unfortunately, they only rarely do anything funny, but that’s pretty much par for the current HBO humor-free comedy course.

Even so, for his fans, Lilley’s versatility and vulgarity appear to be enough.




Having gone through the TV matchmaking process only to have his Bachelorette proposal rejected, Ben Flajnik gives the faux-romantic game another go on The Bachelor (ABC, Monday, 8 ET/PT).

What do you call people who do the same thing over and over, expecting a different result?

Reality-show contestants.



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