If you thought 2011 was bad…..

"...that movie...2012....where the world as we know it ended...well, if you re-elect me this year, I'll make that stuff look like a garden party.....you ain't seen nothing, yet!"


Lots of articles surfaced over the holiday weekend about how happy everyone is to see 2011 over and done with. Good bye! Good riddance!…and so on. Well, I have a feeling 2012 is gonna be UGLY! With the Presidential election looming on the horizon and the current occupier of the White House willing to try just about anything to hold on to it, it’s gonna be nasty! Barack Obama’s focus will be to divide and conquer. We’ve seen the “divide” part over the past 3 years. His strategy will be cast blame where he can. This is a result of a President unable to run on his record. And he knows that. The press will play right along, as they always have. Blame the Republicans! Blame Congress! Even blaming YOU is not beyond the possibilities! His policies are disastrous and destructive. Anyone that challenges them is derided as obstructionist, racist, greedy…you name it. Mr. Obama will employ a playbook focusing on these points. We can only hope the American electorate continues to realize his views are contrary to theirs and what is best for our future.

Whoever the Republican challenger turns out to be, he or she will have their work cut out for them. But the simple fact of the matter is we CANNOT survive another four years under Barack Obama and a Democrat Congress. Granted the last year saw a split Congress. But a Democrat Senate has done absolutely NOTHING for the betterment of this nation. The Republican House has not found a lot of favor. Most of that likely due to their lack of focus and not pounding their message home. The only saving grace has been their attempt at not allowing this President to have a blank check when it comes to wasting money which is beginning to barely be worth the paper it’s printed on!

We have to turn this around. Common sense should tell you we can’t spend our way out of debt. We can’t survive as a country with more and more taking from the government and less and less putting in to the system. With billions of dollars in discretionary spending this government wastes, and we’re told that cuts can’t be made?!!!! I REFUSE to believe that!

It’s time for level heads to take the lead in this country. Practical, yet painful, changes need to be made. The sooner we all realize and face that, the better. If it’s not too late, already!

In the meantime, enjoy some “cold water” in your face!





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