It’s the economy, stupid!….among other things!

The pundits are chomping at the bit as the Iowa caucuses FINALLY arrive. A particular theory put forth I had to take issue with. Red State’s Eric Erickson, in a conversation on a local radio station, said should the economy improve significantly prior to the election, President Obama will have little problem defeating the Republican candidate. Initially, I doubt the economy will improve enough to provide Mr. Obama with a benefit. Secondly, I don’t see Americans rewarding this President with four more years to continue destroying what’s left of the American economy. Does anyone actually believe the voters will go to the polls with the thought, “all is forgiven….you deserve a second term, Barack!”? This administration’s policies have contributed NOTHING to any economic improvement whatsoever! NOTHING! A second term for Mr. Obama is not exactly going to foster an atmosphere for growth. Mr. Obama favors MASSIVE government and MASSIVE spending! If you have even a shred of common sense, you know that cannot continue! I seriously doubt he will change to a direction which will encourage certainty and stability. It ain’t gonna happen!

So, as important a factor as the economy is, modest..or even significant improvement cannot be attributed to this President. If the nation wants to continue down the road to economic armageddon, then Barack Obama is the man to do just that!



'Man's' Allen and Travis

*The new year is here, bringing with it new episodes of new and old series, starting with the return of Tim Allen’s ABC sitcom Last Man Standing (tonight, 8 ET/PT).

It isn’t a great comedy by any measure, but it’s much better than anyone who only watched the pilot could have expected, particularly when it sticks close to home — and when Allen sticks close to Nancy Travis.

And it certainly deserves better than the loser time-slot companions ABC keeps foisting upon it.

'NCIS's' Harmon and Morris

The night’s most popular series, NCIS (CBS, 8 ET/PT), boasts the return of Sarah Jane Morris as E.J. Barrett. Which is likely to be both good and bad news for Tony, considering their history.

'NCIS L.A.'s' Ferrer

•Over on NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS, 9 ET/PT), a visiting assistant director (guest star Miguel Ferrer) puts Hetty’s job in jeopardy. Please. As if anyone would want to watch the show without Hetty.

'Parenthood's' Nelson

One of TV’s few family dramas, Parenthood (NBC, 10 ET/PT), is sending its family on a road trip. Zeek (Craig T. Nelson) wants his mom’s approval, and he thinks the best way to get it is to move the brood via a family caravan. Chances are he’s mistaken.


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