S.O.S.!…..and a little R and R!



Discouraging, isn’t it?…Frustration and sadness seem to prevail more these days. Far more than hope and encouragement.

Things aren’t the same and it appears with each passing day, they never will again.

We have an election this year. As many Americans do, I feel our future is at stake. Literally. Divisiveness in this country has not been seen to this extent since the days of the War Between the States. Sadly, we’ve devolved into a nation digging itself into a deeper and deeper hole. A hole of fiscal and cultural decline. We elected a man to the office of President nearly 4 years ago who has arrogantly presided over this decline with approach focused on punishment. We have elected officials on nearly every level REFUSING to take the problems we face seriously. Well, most of them, anyway. We have an American electorate where more than half vote for a living. Their sense of “entitlement” takes precedent over every other aspect of their lives.

We’re experiencing cultural rot as we’ve never seen. All you have to do is turn on the television. I’m by no means a snob when it comes to such matters. Or a prude. But most everything is garbage. The content is worthless and lacks any longevity whatsoever. Most popular music is mass produced and devoid of any talent. What the hell has happened? I’m sure the contributing factors are numerous and been developing for quite some time.

A recent trip to an exhibit of Picasso, Warhol, and others at a local museum left me appreciating the true talents, insight, and passion of these inspired individuals. What do we have today?…the Kardashians, Lindsey Lohan’s latest antics, and whatever p.o.s. VH1 has decided to air. It’s so very sad. Integrity and dedication are in short supply in this nation.

The decline of American society is far too pervasive for the efforts of a single individual to tackle. My hope for the future is the responsible in government, culture, and other elements will rise to the forefront. Maybe it’s a pipe dream. But, at this point in our existence, that may be all we have left.






'Fringe's' Noble and Jackson


Fringe (Fox, Friday, 9 ET/PT) stages a fabulous winter return with a game-changing episode that finds Peter heading to the Other Side to ask the alter-Walter for help.

In exchange, he gets and learns far more than he bargained for.

This is, after all, a series where, when someone says “not everything is as it seems,” your natural response is likely to be “no kidding.”

With its increasingly complex quartet of universes and timelines, Fringe has pretty much given up on attracting virgin viewers — but it’s doing an incredibly fine job of serving the viewers it still has.

That equation may endanger the show’s future but shouldn’t stop fans from embracing the present.


Fox's 'Dynamite'


•Anyone who loved the cult movie may have mixed feelings over Fox’s animated Napoleon Dynamite(Sunday, 8:30 ET/PT).

Despite the participation of the movie’s creators and the voices of the original cast, tonight’s vulgarized premiere removes much of what made the film special and leaves just another second-rate Fox cartoon.

But the second episode at 9:30 ET/PT is a sweeter, funnier improvement. We’ll have to wait and see which represents the show’s actual direction.





Sports side note: Look for more media antics off the chain, when these two clash on Sunday!



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