It’s not you. It’s me….or is it?…plus your ‘Critic’s Corner’

And then there were four…..Today’s news finds Jon Huntsman calling it quits. And purportedly to throw his support behind Mitt Romney. All well and good for Mr. Romney, I suppose. Still for many Americans, myself included, there still seems to be a lack of passion on our part. Don’t get me wrong! If Mitt Romney is the Republican nominee, he has my vote. Under no circumstances whatsoever could I again vote for Barack Obama. That being said, we’re looking for a dynamic and driven candidate to challenge the current disaster we have in the White House. We want someone to challenge Mr. Obama and the Democrats on EVERY level. Challenge them on the massive, out of control spending…the entitlements…the lies they spout day after day…the bitterness and divisiveness this President has imposed upon this nation! Offer no apologies for telling the truth! I want a Mitt Romney…or any other Republican nominee that I CAN’T WAIT to vote for! There’s a belief among the opposition to Mr. Obama, so I hear, that they desire a candidate that will demolish this President in a debate. I definitely think there’s some truth to that. Others say, “well, it’s been shown this doesn’t translate to an electoral victory..”. Well, I have news for those folks! We’ve never before reached a point in the existence of our nation as we will in November. As a nation, we simply cannot afford four more years of a Democrat President, along with enough Democrats in Congress, who will continue to impose punishing policies upon the country. Period.

So..Mr. Romney…some advice. Get out there and take it to them! I want you expose the Democrats for what they are! I want you to challenge them using, simple basic facts. Because the facts show THEY ARE A DISASTER WE CANNOT SURVIVE! With this President and his record you should win this election in a massive landslide! Think about it. Can a single business leader step forward and say, “Yes…I’m just waiting to hire, to expand…once I know Barack Obama has been re-elected…”? The truth is no such individual exists! The truth hurts and we need to slap the opposition in the face with it!



How I Met Your Mother (CBS, tonight, 8 ET/PT) reaches its 150th episode tonight, and Chris Elliot and Kal Penn help celebrate as Lily and Marshall head off to the suburbs — and the rest of the gang heads for a strip club.

•It’s Betty White Night on NBC, starting with Betty White’s 90th Birthday: A Tribute to America’s Golden Girl (8 ET/PT).

Mary Tyler MooreEd AsnerValerie HarperGavin MacLeodHugh Jackman and Carol Burnett will be among those gathered to celebrate, in a crowd you can expect also will be packed with NBC stars, because the network isn’t going to let an opportunity to promote its current comedies go by.

•Then it’s Betty White’s Off Their Rockers (9:30 ET/PT), an adaptation of a Belgian hidden-camera hit that sends a band of senior citizens out to pull pranks on the younger generation.

White will not be part of the pranks, but she will host and take part in Sketches.

From older women we move to Lost Girl (Syfy, 10 ET/PT), starring Anna Silk as a “succubus” who feeds off sexual energy.

It turns out she didn’t even know she was one — until she drained her first boyfriend to death.


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