(S)o (H)appy (I)t’s (T)hursday!

Or am I????…..


"What we're doing is making sure to frustrate ANY of our possible supporters right up to the convention...."

In the meantime….


"I'm tellin' ya, B...those f**kin idiots...Romney..Santorum...Gingrich...they're gonna chew each other up!...Everyone's gonna be so damned sick of it...we're f**kin' shoo ins this year!...we can really plan on some f**ked up shit next year...and the voters will be none the wiser....just stick with the plan...promise them this, that and the other thing but don't deliver any of it...it works!..I'm tellin' ya, it works!...we'll f**k this country up so bad, you won't even recognize it!"


You just KNOW that’s what the conversations have been like between these two!…

If you’re worn out with this stuff as much as I am, you’re not alone! We have more bombshells today!

Seems Newt Gingrich’s previous wife, Marianne, is about to unload a salvo on the Presidential contender with an interview granted to ABC News. Gee! Imagine that! A disgruntled, bitter ex going after her former husband during an election year! It’s all over Drudge along with subsequent stories about the timing of it. Why I’m flabbergasted such can occur! Yeah…right!

Now we have breaking news the Iowa caucuses turned out to be a “split decision” with Rick Santorum essentially wining 34 more votes than Romney! I mean, WTF?….

Combine this swirling media tempest of much ado about nothing with the assault on Romney’s personal finances and you have the makings of a sure thing for THE MOST DISASTROUS PRESIDENT IN U. S. HISTORY in his pursuit of a second term. A President that just rejected (while BLAMING the Republicans for HIS opposition to it!) a pipeline project that would have created THOUSANDS of jobs…which, by the way, he would likely approve it miraculously if he’s re-elected!….a President, who again says he will focus on jobs…i.e. STIMULUS SPENDING…a President, whose party received more cash from the firm of which the leading Republican contender was once part of (DEMOCRATS RECEIVE MORE BAIN CAPITAL DOLLARS THAN REPUBLICANS)….

And these guys are continuing the circular firing squad!…. As Trump says: STOP PLAYING INTO OBAMA’S HANDS!




•Thursday’s funniest comedy, The Big Bang Theory (CBS, tonight, 8 ET/PT), hits the 100th episode mark, and to celebrate, Penny and Leonard are back together, at least for one dinner.

We’ll see what Sheldon has to say about that.



Loretta Devine returns as Adele on Grey’s Anatomy(ABC, 9 ET/PT) in an episode that has Richard operating on a pair of bickering sisters.

Those sisters are played by popular comic actors: Nia Vardalos of My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Peri Gilpin of Frasier.


There’s great news for America’s funniest, randiest spy on the season return of Archer (FX, 10 ET/PT) — a vocal guest appearance by Burt Reynolds, who plays himself.

It turns out Archer’s a huge fan, having seen every one of Reynolds’ movies. (“I even saw At Long Last Love. I thought you were great.” “Really?” “Well, I wanted to.”)

Unfortunately, it also turns out that Burt is dating Archer’s mom, which drives Archer even crazier than usual.



Speaking of going slightly off, Van Pelt keeps spotting former fiancé O’Laughlin (returning guest star Eric Winter) on The Mentalist (CBS, 10 ET/PT).

Which obviously can’t be good, because she killed him.





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