(S)o (H)appy (I)t’s (T)hursday TV!!!!

More from my favorite television critic, Robert Bianco @ USA Today…






•You get two episodes of 30 Rock (NBC, 8 and 9 ET/PT) tonight, starting with a guest-packed outing that features the return of Will Arnett as Jack’s (Alec Baldwin) nemesis Devin Banks.

While Jack and Devin are battling, Tracy is out protesting for idiot rights in an outing that also boasts guest turns by Denise RichardsJames Marsden andKelsey Grammer.

The second episode has a guest as well, Suze Orman, as Liz enters her contract negotiations with Jack determined to be more like Jack.



The Finder (Fox, 9 ET/PT) takes on Cinderella as Walter helps a NASA scientist find a woman who left one red shoe at a bar.

Sight unseen, that plot sounds far more promising than watching him make amends for exposing one of Leo’s family secrets.


•On The Firm (NBC, 10 ET/PT) Mitch defends a gambler accused of murder.

If you watch The Firm, you might recruit a few more watchers; otherwise, you won’t be watching much longer.


•Showtime’s Inside Comedy (11 ET/PT) is a documentary/interview series from David Steinberg, who spends a half-hour speaking to famous comedians.

Tonight, they’re Jerry Seinfeld and Don Rickles.





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