If you think about it, it really IS! Especially in the political arena. The election of Barack Obama in 2008 proved that. Why would voters choose a tired, worn out, old white man when they could choose a reasonably good looking, mixed race man?…Substance didn’t matter. Not in the least. Doesn’t say a lot for the thought processes of the electorate. But it’s a sad reality in today’s world. I imagine it will continue well into the future.

"I'm sooo hoping these two kill each other..."


‘Emperor Obama’ is undoubtedly watching today’s Republican primary in Florida with great interest. I’m certain he’s relished the bitter feud between Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich. He’s probably banking on the voters growing weary of the unceasing sniping between the G.O.P. front runners. As I’ve mentioned before, once a nominee is for certain, it’s unlikely we will see such tactics applied to ‘Caesar Obama’ in the campaign. For certain, should Romney come out on top.

The Gladiators in a battle to the death...


Irony can definitely play cruel tricks on you. Unfortunately, that’s what we seemed to have in the 2012 election. A President with THE MOST DISASTROUS RECORD of any in the history of our nation and a Republican party divided as it struggles to find common ground and unified support. It doesn’t make any sense. That can also be said about our election of a ‘ruler’ rather than a leader four years ago.






•Many people seem to think Glee (Fox, 8 ET/PT) had given up on special “themed” episodes, having suffered from gorging on them last season.

But like its characters, Glee never learns any lessons and never feels bound by the past — which brings us to tonight’s salute to the music of Michael Jackson.

The plot centers on the intensifying rivalry between New Directions and the Warblers, but plot is seldom the point with this show, or at least it isn’t for long.

These days, it’s best to think of Glee as an excellent update on Your Hit Parade, and enjoy it on that level.



Party Down‘s Lizzy Caplan guests as Nick’s girlfriend onNew Girl (Fox, 9 ET/PT).

Unfortunately, her refusal to be labeled as his “girlfriend,” or as anything else, is about to send Nick into a panic.



Ringer (CW, 9 ET/PT) makes its winter return with both of star Sarah Michelle Gellar‘s twin characters at least temporarily in the same city.

That can’t be good.


•Elizabeth (Tiffani Thiessen) begins spying on her new next-door neighbor on White Collar (USA, 10 ET/PT).



And when the neighbor is played by True Blood‘s Joe Manganiello, can you really blame her?




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