ONE Thing to keep in mind!….

"Unemployment numbers will go up and down...the economy in general will likely grow at a snail's pace...unions will continue to screw the administration will hinder each and every industry..whether it's big oil, aviation..or what have you...I will continue to give lip service to each and every topic on the national stage...I will reduce our military to the bare bones...I will demonize any individual, any political party, any grass roots effort that opposes my policies..I will continue to pit "rich" against "poor"...even though I couldn't care less about either demographic....and last, but definitely not least, I will make sure the United States of America will be so fuc*ed up, it will completely collapse leaving me standing at the top of the heap....I can promise you with every fiber of my being, that's what I intend to do!"


Polls, numbers, stats, lies, hysterics, debt, stupidity….we have it all. THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT MATTER IS THAT BARACK OBAMA MUST BE DEFEATED IN 2012!


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