A prediction….



In case you missed it this morning, the Washington Post has called the November 6 election for President Obama….


It is with great regret and sadness, I must concur. The American people will fail themselves again and will return Mr. Obama to the White House for four more years. I attribute this to the bloodbath of the Republican primaries and caucuses, an eager and complicit media with marching orders from the Democrats, and a weary, frustrated electorate. The sad truth is the Republican party has squandered a golden opportunity with vicious infighting and bitterness. Rather than direct energy toward the true enemy of freedom and prosperity in this country, they have chosen to engage in verbally brutal and damaging attacks upon one another. The nastiness between a lackluster Mitt Romney and a frustrated Newt Gingrich is more than apparent.

With a second term for Mr. Obama you will likely see massive wasteful and government spending resulting in nothing more than more debt. You will see an arrogance unchecked in this President. Emboldened by an election win, he will harbor little, if any, concern for the intended and unintended results of his policies. Mr. Obama will continue his aloof ignorance and indifference when it comes to foreign affairs. The order of the day will be the continued snubbing of allies and half hearted overtures toward our enemies. Just enough to foster the appearance of global cooperation. You will see program after program proposed as cures for what has become an economy not likely to ever return its previous robustness. Mr. Obama will use this as cover to promote an image of “fairness” for all. In reality, the outcome of such foolhardy ventures will change absolutely nothing. The President will then attempt to deflect blame. Instead placing it at the feet of his opposition. Mr. Obama will continue to diminish the military where it hurts..the pocketbook. Though a much more efficient armed force is called for, he will render its effectiveness as minimal under the guise of curbing expenses.

Mr. Obama will stand before the American people and thank them, though its insincerity will more than evident. He has already claimed his job is not done and he “deserves” a second term. Sadly, a distracted and irresponsible America will give him just that. Those dwindling numbers of us with common sense and resourcefulness will see a nation dismantled and damned by a man who has made it his mission in life to punish this country. By 2016, Barack Obama may well be able to say ‘mission accomplished’.

I’m open to ANYONE to convince me otherwise.


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