Will they ever learn?….

You know…it’s VERY frustrating to watch a disaster in the making when it’s so obvious that you can avoid the disaster with common sense. This is how I feel as we move along into the election season.

President Barack Obama was elected in 2008 with a ground swell of hope for a brighter future. He took that faith so many placed in him and willingly squandered it. He took his election and turned it into a personal vendetta to punish what he sees as a country long overdue for such.

The Republican party has allowed this President and the Democrats to define the narrative in this election. Most level headed Americans know the economy should be the central issue. Our very survival as as nation is at stake. Literally! Yet we have ridiculous issues such as contraception being turned into the focus for the 2012 campaign. The level of STUPIDITY in that is mind boggling! From the debate question posed to Mitt Romney about whether a state could ban contraception to Mr. Obama’s mandate for insurance companies being required to provide it for free, NOTHING could be less important! I have to congratulate the President for turning a NON ISSUE into “Republicans want to ban contraception!” The frustration I mentioned, lies in the fact the Republicans fell for this CRAP!

The so called compromise on the payroll tax extension is another shining example. The Republicans agreed to it without a way to pay for it. Aside from the fact that is results in an insignificant amount of $20 in a paycheck, the media portrayed it as caving on their part!

It astounds me that we have no one to stand up to Mr. Obama, the Democrats, and their media allies and call them out on the lies and the deception! Decorum and civility should be thrown out the window! “We will let you have your $20, but we’re going to tax the hell out of you down the road!”….THAT SHOULD BE THE MESSAGE DIRECTED AT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE !

We have a federal government run by an entrenched political class who have bastardized our faith placed in elected officials…a federal government that continues to take from us to feed its out of control wasted spending…a federal government which will continue to intrude upon what few rights we have left….a federal government which can easily take away whatever it may “give” to you!


Until more people wake up to this absolute and total idiocy, we are doomed to destruction and decline. It’s just that simple!



Survivor (CBS, 8 ET/PT) returns tonight with a new subtitle —One World— and, as viewers have come to expect, another new twist.

This time, there are two tribes separated by the sexes (which has happened before) sharing the same beach (which hasn’t).

•In an attempt to boost her struggling cable channel’s ratings, Oprah Winfrey is bringing Oprah’s Oscar Special(9 ET/PT) over to OWN. She’ll spend two hours talking to The Help‘s Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer and toMoneyball‘s Jonah Hill, who apparently will discuss working with Brad Pitt.

You can be forgiven for wondering if, in the old days, Winfrey wouldn’t have been talking to Pitt about Pitt instead.

Lone Star‘s James Wolk returns to ABC’s Happy Endings (9:30 ET/PT), as Max’s boyfriend, Grant, a man Max fears may be too good for him.

One thing is certain: Wolk is too good for Endings, but it will have to do until a better show comes along.

•ABC’s Revenge (10 ET/PT) fantasy cycles back to its engagement-party opener tonight.

Which means, with luck, we’re about to find out what happened that night on the beach.


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