Dear Republican Party…..




Knock!…Knock!…Hello!….Hello!…Is anyone home?…

Hmmm…I guess not….

I just wanted to drop by and let you know….uhh…let you know….how FRUSTRATED….ANGRY…..AND FRIGHTENED I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you even aware of what is happening out there?…Out there in the world beyond the beltway!….Out there in the REAL world most Americans live in!!

The past 3+ years have seen the absolute and purposeful destruction of this nation as we know it! You had a situation with a President out to dismantle every aspect of this country’s economy and it was so obvious that is what he was doing…and continues to do! You had a situation where the 2012 Presidential election should have been a cake walk for the Republican candidate!…No matter who it was! You had a situation where EVERY SINGLE ECONOMIC INDICATOR was indicative of this Administration’s woefully misdirected policies!

But, NO! That wasn’t enough! You have allowed this President and the Democrats to take asinine issues like CONTRACEPTION and turn it into the focus of this campaign! I STILL cannot get over how RIDICULOUS that is! You allowed them and their eager cohorts in the media to frame you as archaic neanderthals!

We have a President who is a LIAR! He is a liar! He lies on economic policy…energy…foreign relations…housing…unemployment!…The list can go on forever! Some could say..”well, everyone in political office lies…”…The difference is Barack Obama KNOWS HE’S LYING WHEN HE SAYS IT! Even his subordinates continue to change their story on issue after issue after issue…Obamacare is a tax…except when it’s not…the administration’s economic policy is sustainable…well, maybe not…the economy grew at this rate…wait a minute!…we have to revise that down a bit!….IT IS UNBELIEVABLE HOW ABSURD THIS PRESIDENT AND HIS ADMINISTRATION IS!…Yet you seem unable to grasp that!…The constant bickering..the go along to get along attitude of the establishment in the party….It is so very disheartening to see.

The American people want someone to tell them the TRUTH! No double platitudes…TELL US THE TRUTH! The economy is in trouble. And we have Barack Obama out there blaming one segment for the behavior of others. We have half of the country paying no additional federal tax, yet they can receive a laundry list of benefits from the government. The people that work, that succeed…well, they’re just greedy…and selfish. Point this out to the country at large! Tell Americans this President and the danger he represents is REAL!

Some advice for you….pure and simple….and you know this to be the absolute truth…


That’s it….all you have to say…..Provided it isn’t too late already, I think most Americans will understand that. It’s to the point and it speaks the truth. And if your party cares about our future, you will rally around a candidate that can deliver that message with passion and fortitude. Otherwise, we are lost. We are over. A harshness will settle over this nation that very few will be able to deal with. It’s a disturbing possibility that could become a very frightening reality.



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